Story: Zodiac

The Zodiac is a planet composed of twelve kingdoms who worship four Elemental Gods. In the three Oceans live the water tribes following the teaching of Cherad, Goddess of Empathy and Water.

The Cancerians live in the Deep Sea, away from all of the other kingdoms. They are fervent worshippers of both Cherad and Muriel. They are ruled by the Queen who protects the underwater city with her powers and her control over the force field around it.

Like all the other kingdoms, the Cancerians are afraid of the prophecy predicting the end of their world.

One days, twelve children of each kingdom will turn on their own people. Under the blessing of the fallen god To, they will destroy this world and the gods you worship.

For you Cancerians, this child shall be a boy.

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  • Name: Coral Muriel.
  • Age: 19
  • Family: Queen Cordelia Muriel, Her Consort Kai Muriel, and their daughter Marina.


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Coral has pink hair and round blue eyes.


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Coral cares, he cares so much for others it can be terrifying. He has a great imagination and tends to get lost in his own head. Coral tends to be pessimistic and he's very insecure.


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Coral is part of the Cancer Kingdom, a matriarchal monarchy. As the son of the Queen, he wasn't supposed to take on the throne or have powers. But when he turned six, after one of his violent burst, he almost destroyed the force field around the city. The only person who is capable of such prodigy his the heir to the throne, which he couldn't be since he was a boy. Her mother decided to hide this. Too afraid of him, she stopped caring for him and left him alone. Since then he blames himself for not being the son she wanted.


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As a Cancerian boy, Coral had little to no chance to have powers. Since Muriel favors maternity, it was a surprise for him to discover his healing powers. But when he was able to move the barrier around the city he understood that it wasn't Muriel's doing. His hydrokinesis power was only a curse.


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Coral stays home at all times so his hobbies are only possible inside. He likes art, cooking, and reading. He also takes care of the birds in the cages in his spare time.


As a confined prince, Coral has never left the city nor the palace.

Cordelia Muriel

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He loves her. Even after she abandoned him. Even after she left him for dead in his own room, he still hopes that she will love him again.

Marina Muriel

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His little sister is a breath of fresh air. As the heir of the throne, she has already gone outside. She loves to talk about the outside world, even though she is not allowed near him.

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