Living room

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I'd like a big couch in my living room, so that I'll be able to sit on it with my whole family. I love reading too, and I think it would be very cool to have a place to sit and read.


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I want my kitchen to be an open place where you can cook, eat and hangout. A well-organized healthy fridge is a must-have to me, because I find eating healthy tough even though I like fruits and vegetables a lot. I hope if I have these things close to me, it will be easier. I also like the ideas to have a big door from the kitchen towards the garden and barstools in the kitchen.


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I'd like a huge bed and a lot of plants in my bedroom. A big window also is a must-have for me, because I need fresh air when I sleep :)


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I want colorful and special tiles in my bathroom, because I think it looks very cool and a bathroom is the perfect place for this. It looks fresh and makes showering or taking a bath in your bathroom a better experience.

Pool or jacuzzi

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I doubt if this is a realistic dream, but I would love to have a pool or jacuzzi. It's the perfect place for me and my friends, or my kids and their friends, to hang out in and for parties, and I just really like the idea of it!


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I hope I get to live near an ocean or sea, because I love surfing, diving into the salt water after a run across the beach and the air around the beach and water.

Flowers on the outside walls

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I love houses that have flowers on a colored wall, because it gives off a cozy vibe and it makes me happy. Of course, it depends on the neighborhood I'll end up in if this is possible and looks good ;)