There are so many girls I know, and I was one of them, that can't deal with beautiful girls. First things first, let's make something clear - every girl is beautiful - in her own way, in way you may not understand or see. When I say 'can't deal with beautiful girls', here's what I mean. Beauty of these 'beautiful girls' is based on our society standards. Society is the one that emphasizes their beauty. And we can see a lot of commercials or posts on social media with lots of beautiful women - our sisters - that have beautiful teeth, beautiful hair, their face is shining, they have fuller lips, they are skinny, they have abs etc. Focus is on their physical beauty. I know some girls have problems when they see these girls, because they think that if someone is beautiful, they are not, and that is totally wrong perception. There is something inside us - girls that hurts us when someone compliments our friend and not us. There is a piece of jealousy because we somehow think that if someone compliments our best friend, our sister, our mother, that we are not as beautiful as we thought we are. It is like we live our life expecting somebody to admire us. This problem has it's roots in culture that learns us to recieve only, in culture that does not respect women properly, culture that gives us totally wrong perception of life. There you go.

Learn to love and see yourself the way Jesus loves you, so that you can love everyone else. When I had this hard period, I used to thank God for each part of my body before I fall asleep. There are so many things you can thank for. Count your blessings. Ask Jesus to heal you. He will. He will show you how beautifully He created you.

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God bless you! Keep your hearts up!