hi guys!! because i have no talents, i'm not a pretty girl, AND i'm not funny the only sort of redeeming quality i have is that i have random knowledge on even more random topics.
with that being said, here are some facts about love.
hope you enjoy!!

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1. holding hands and kissing actually reduces stress and lowers blood pressure!
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2. couples who laugh for at least ten minutes in all whenever they're together makes them have a healthier relationship
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3. have you ever noticed that when you have a crush on someone their name appears everywhere? this is called the baader-meinhof phenomenon
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4. you are more likely to be attracted to someone who you have little chance with
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5. it's impossible for you to stay angry at someone you truly love. if you stay mad at this person for more than three days then you aren't really in love with them.
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6. 86% of girls in a relationship says that cuddling and falling asleep next to their significant other is one of the best feelings in the world

thank you for reading! like if you want a part two!!

xoxo, sadieeee