people say that overtime, your relationship fades
you both stop caring about surprising each other and making each other happy
this was my fear when i started dating you
i never wanted us to fade or wilt or become less exciting
i never wanted our inside jokes to become old
i never wanted to stop saying "forever?" "forever."
i kept waiting and waiting for the moment where i became tired of the way you randomly kiss me on my nose
i kept waiting for the moment where you would get tired of carrying me around like a princess
i kept waiting for the moment when our "i love you"'s meant nothing to either of us and we were both praying for a way out of our torturous relationship
but it never came
every single day that went by i loved you more intensely than the day before
everyone would say "just wait, it gets worse"
and everyday i'd say to myself "they're right, it's going to get worse, but you're just going to accept it because you love him"
but it never got worse
i became more and more happy and in love everyday and i know you felt the same
everyday i'd learn something new about you , something that made me fall harder for you, or laugh harder with you, or smiler bigger with you, or become happier being your short, moody, kind of boring girlfriend that you loved just as much as she loved you
and now it has been seventh months
seven months
and i haven't gotten tired of you
and i don't think i ever will
i love you
s o
m u c h
- happy (almost) anniversary cutie