morning! these are just some posing inspiration for instagram or any other social media :)

close up of body

aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image fashion, style, and girl image
if you want to show off a cute outfit this is perfect. as well if you dont want to show your face/ too much of your body

leaning against something/ doing something with your hands

fashion, girl, and style image accessories, beauty, and black and white image
lean against railing or a wall to interact with the objects around you. can help if you dont know what to do with your body or hands.

pose with some greenery

fashion, dress, and bag image flowers, girl, and sunflower image
can help add colour to the picture and can look really pretty with flowers

pose with friends

Temporarily removed aesthetic, architecture, and city image
do a group pic!

do a closeup

aesthetic, alternative, and blue image makeup, stars, and eyes image
if you like your eye makeup that day or some cool lighting over your eyes

face on

girl, blonde, and vintage image girl and style image
a face on picture can really show off your features and usually cuts off from below the neck

mirror selfie

couple, love, and goals image rp, ananda, and rp help image
can be really easy to do and can hide your face (if you want to!)

candid/no face inspo

Temporarily removed girl, vintage, and tumblr image fashion, style, and girl image accessories, cosmetics, and fashion image
this is a mix of photos that are either candid or no face that didnt really fit a category
art, dark, and golden image glitter, eye, and makeup image music, vintage, and theme image aesthetic, sunset, and vintage image

thanks for reading!