If you love yourself, you can love others. Can you accept yourself?

Self-love is , above all, self-acceptance as it is. A well-balanced man sees and accepts himself with all his faults, and still likes himself.

By loving oneself, one is also able to confront other people in a loving way: respecting the strengths and weaknesses of others - accepting them as such.


1. I feel loved.
2. I'm not afraid of being loved.
3. I'm not afraid to love others.
4. I understand what love means to me.
5. I put my own concept of love into practice.
6. I enjoy satisfying my own needs and do not feel selfish.
7. I accept the love of others.
8. I can express my love for others so that they feel loved.
9. I love myself.
10. I've grown a lot mentally during my life.
11. I try to develop the childish and dependent parts of my love into a more mature love.