Lemon Boy / Cavetown

aesthetic and kpop image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed boy, music, and grunge image
'lemon boy and me started to get along together'

Porcelain/ Mxmtoon

Image by regentröpfchen art, closeup, and explore image black and white image beautiful, flowers, and lovely image
_'and I am made of porcelain

I look okay but I am breaking down'_

Juliet/ Cavetown

blonde and flowers image 80s, 90s, and hands image wallpaper, art, and background image boy, love, and girl image
'sometimes I act like I know, but I’m really just a kid'

If I'm being honest/ Dodie

dress, mirror, and ballet image Image removed pink, wallpaper, and red image couple, love, and sea image
'it's all so quick, and I feel sick I'm used to being a joke'

Summer Depression/ Girl in Red

beach, girl, and ocean image girl, aesthetic, and friends image fashion, hipster, and indie image book, fashion, and girl image
summer depression, there's so much time to question my life

The Idea of You/ Mxmtoon

Temporarily removed kiss, lips, and lipstick image love, couple, and boy image Temporarily removed
'i don't know if I'm in love with you, or the idea of loving you'

Idle Town/ Conan Gray

bts, jin, and jhope image aesthetic, alternative, and edward scissorhands image Image removed Temporarily removed
'this town will never change people come and go, it's all the same'