Disclaimer - This article is to uplift dark-skinned women, young black girls (of all shades), our features & our hair texture.

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This article wasn't made to degrade or devalue anyone’s beauty....
let me just say that all women are beautiful, we were blessed with our own unique features, skin tones, shapes and sizes.

With that being said lets get straight into it.

Melanin Appreciation

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From personal experience I know what its like to have your own people discriminate against you for being darker skinned & discriminated by others for your race. I thank god I was blessed an amazing mother who built my self esteem up at a young age, there are good people/ bad people in every culture periodt. not here to argue, don't have time for that.

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We’ve been told things like “you’re pretty for a black girl”, heard things such as “she’d look way better if she was lighter” or even “I don’t usually date black girls but” … back handed compliments are definitely not compliments people. Black Women you're beautiful, you're worth it, you're important you are loved.

2. Hair Appreciation - Natural hair, Wigs, Weaves & Braids

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Natural Hair

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I'm sick of the term good hair, being used against black women & girls. good hair is healthy hair, all hair types are beautiful and worth praise no matter hair length or texture.
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Braids - Box Braids, Cornrows, Locs & ect

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I adore the fact we can change and style our hair however we want like this week I might rock a lace next week box braids the week after I'm going natural.
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Fashion & Style

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The fashion sense, the looks, the fits, the versatility... I- I just love to see it. Black women you are trendsetters, innovators and leaders, everyday I’m inspired by other women

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My message is to uplift, compliment and support young black girls. x
If you took time out of your day to read this thank you!