slower relaxed songs:

☁ colde - wa-r-r

@colde and @offonoff image

☁ erica - J.Lu ft.rosy

aesthetic, cats, and couple image

☁ y - fanxy child

crush, dean, and zico image

☁ stay - J.Lu ft.summer soul

aesthetic, asian, and girl image

☁ meet me when the rain stops - sogumm ft.hoody

aomg, hoody, and hoody kim image

☁ long flight - taeyong

taeyong, nct, and nct 127 image

☁ i luv u - henry

asian, boy, and henry image

☁ n/a - jiwoo

Relationship, ulzzangs, and relationship goals image

more hype songs:

☁ genie - viini

kwon hyunbin, kpop, and yg image

☁ noah - hoan ft.jay park & hoody

Seventeen and s.coups image

☁ fun wit you - chaanill ft.e.viewz

Image removed

☁ play me - woogie ft.sik-k & penomeco

asian, asian boy, and black image

☁ looped up - tobi lou ft.vernon

Seventeen, vernon, and hansol image

☁ off off - chaanill

asian, asian fashion, and beautiful image

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