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Today was an eventful day I have to admit. I enrolled in the next level of French, I can't believe a whole month has passed since I attended my first class. I am going to miss my teacher, he is really funny and nice, like a teddy bear. Mom and I always give him a lift to the Subway station soo honestly we laugh our asses off in the car.

Also, Cami told me today that she likes reading this introductory paragraphs that I make. And Cami all I have to say is same. Thank you so much for reading my articles baby, we will see each other soon girl!

Again, I am asking y'all to send good vibes to my ongoing project and to Mema since her SAT is this Saturday, she is gonna kill it. Also shout out to Ana because she always reads my articles and shows life signs after reading them. LOVE YOU GUYS

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Day 12: Do you believe in the Afterlife?

Please keep an open mind when reading this. Honestly, this is some weird shit.

So again another weird-ass topic to discuss. What the heck was I thinking when making the prompt list of this 30 Days Writing Challenge? This is insane! But whatever. Okay so, if you know me or have read my articles you should kind of know that I am weird kid with a mind running ten hundred miles per hour. If you read the prompt and automatically though: hmmm Gonmen probably has a theory or a crazy-ass idea about this... well my friend, you are not wrong.

Afterlife means that an essential part of a person's identity or stream of consciousness remains after the death of the physical body. Okay, keeping that in mind lets go to...

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Introductory Terms

- ENERGY RULE: It is known in the laws of physics that energy can't be created nor destroyed, it transforms (keep this concept in mind).

- SOULS: Scientists have found that you loose 21 grams when you die. This weight loss does not relate with the lack of air in out lungs, or the cease of blood flow. The studies determines that the weight lost is thanks to some kind of energy that leaves our body. AKA: our soul.

- Conclusion so far: Our soul is energy ("soul" is just a pretty word for it) therefore it cannot be created or destroyed, but it can transform.

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Main Conclusion

We are all energy. We all have bodies so we can live among the material world. When we "die" is because our matter has decomposed, decayed, and therefore it is no longer useful. But that energy that is the real us is immortal because physics' laws says that energy can't be destroyed. If we are energy then we are immortals too. This leads to reincarnation, because energy is transformed. When you leave the material world you can go back to it because energy is reused in different ways all the time, plus we can't create new energy and therefore we can't create more "souls."

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I want to leave VERY CLEAR, that I don't use drugs LOL. I am super against them but honestly the only excuse I have for this is: existential crisis after midnight, a lot of curiosity, a lot of reading and a lot of my weird imagination running wild.

Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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