It's been years since I last saw you
but even more since I noticed you on the other... side of the classroom
Your jokes bothered the teacher, but they made me smile with everyone, what a times, what a times
Now everything has changed, I don't know if I miss feeling not, or hearing those stupid things coming out of your mouth
that crazy hair and that way of thinking
It has been so long...

dear crush, how it feels?
be forgotten and miss the yesterday
dear crush, what it feels?
touch the lips of the girl you liked?
dear crush, what do I do now?
I had you but it was a long time ago
So, dear crush, you break my heart
and this is how it sounds

With tears running between my cheeks
I can barely breath, my tired eyes are dying
what a beautiful couple, but are you happy now?
I don't know why we talked again, you were like a curse on my cell phone.

I'm sorry but I fell in love tonight
I didn't mean to fall in love tonight
but here I am falling asleep tonight
I don't want to take your arms out tonight
Can we pretend that we are in love?