I have seen "If I Were a Witch" post for a while and seen one done by @MarionBq, a another witch like myself. So I thought I would do it myself!


My name is just Kym, nothing too fancy.


I am 18 years old.


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I have red hair (vampire red from manic panic if you want to know), dark brown eyes, glasses and I am short (5'3" or 160 cm). I do have a couple tattoos, three small ones and one big one on my neck. I almost always have red nails.


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My style can't be pin-pointed, but I would say it is classy, and somewhat formal. I always wear black, sometimes reds and grays, but any other color I will hate it. I prefer a well put together outfit with one theme through out my whole closet. I also hate short-sleeves and shorts, dresses an skirts. So most of my clothes are black skinny jeans (and one blue pair) and black long sleeves. (One could easily say I am a vampire that wants to get a heat stroke during the summer.) I also veil, wearing a beanie or sometimes a scarf around my hair to hide it.


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I literally have no idea how to put my personality into words. I guess I am nice person when you first meet me but that is just the surface I guess. I am stubborn and easily annoyed. I don't waste my time with people I don't know or don't care for. I can be nice or mean. I can't even tell myself. But one thing, I am a pervert and will say it. I mean in a childish way and well joke about it or sometimes I am just pervert in general but will keep things to myself most of the time (just to not make others uncomfortable). I also don't give up easily on somethings (video games and drawing as examples).


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It depends on my mood and my mental state. I feel closer to Fire but I also feel connected to Earth.


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My specialties are tarot and pendulum readings. I believe these are the things I am best at because they are what I practiced the longest. I am still trying out what else I could be good at (with practice and research of course).


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Mabon is my favorite sabbath. It was the first one I ever celebrated and I felt so at peace with myself. I feel like myself and closer to my gods. I also adore the weather of fall and just over all, I feel best during Mabon.


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I am a Taurus and that's about all I know. I am not into zodiacs as much as some people, but I do like reading up on them.


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As I said in my favorite sabbath, it is autumn.


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I pick red because while it is my favorite color, it also represents lust, love, desire, anger and violence. All of those I have a connection with.

Type of Witch

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I would say eclectic but most things I do have to do with divination. So for now, Divination witch.

Animal Totem

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This I am not quite sure on. I would think leopard, which people often say they see me with.


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I believe a bat is my familiar. Bats represent death and letting go, which is another thing that lead me to witchcraft,

Thank you for reading!