Dear Daniel,

I wish I could just describe how I feel but it's impossible. I am a terrible person, I can be a terrible person. Especially to the ones that love me.
I wish I could send you this love letter, tell you how much you mean to me, or how much I miss you.

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I didn't mean to break your heart. You were so kind and gentle, I used to look at you and see clouds floating, old images of lovers in a battlefield, little birds, kisses in the rain...

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But now I can just think of us arguing in the parking lot, even thought you've never raised your voice at me once. I can wonder how's your day going and how'd it feel to kiss you again, one more time.

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And it was my choice, you already knew I'd break you, but you stayed just the same.
I am sorry. I tried to stay, but I didn't wanted to try harder no more... You wasn't growing. I KNOW you were sick but I couldn't wait.

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You're amazing but what makes you amazing makes you very weak too.
I used to see your potential, I tried to figure it out, but you couldn't, and I can't hold that shit against you.

I thought you were the one.

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And I know it was me who ran away so fast when I met somebody new who was better for me.I know I'm not wrong and that you don't blame me, but I still feel so bad. I still care about you.

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I'm now living my life like nothing has happened and like I haven't loved you that much, but I'm lying. And I'm sorry. It makes me feel bad.
I wonder why life does this, is it my fault? Is it just for me to fall and leave?

If I could choose to not being so alone right now, I'd choose to feel you watching me while I sleep in your chest again.
Goodbye xo.