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i've been developing some unhealthy relationship with basically the internet and its many possibilities for entertainment and distraction.
so lately i had some interesting thoughts about this topic come up in my head and i wanted to share them with you.
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monitor and question your invested time

track how much time you spend online - and then consider how much real value this provided to you and your goals in life. if any at all.

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cut out bad vibes

don't let other people's "perfect lifes" make you feel left behind.
it's all just a show. and usually a pretty pathetic one on top of that. superficial, materialistic, fake.
when was the last time you saw a person on a post showing a real smile? not a well trained acting performance.
when was the last time you saw a post that wasn't manipulated by photoshop, retouching or filters?

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when we believe that what we see in the media is reality, no surprise we're depressed when we look at our own lifes!
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cut out the bullshit

don't consume bad news all the time.
some times it's certainly important to get informed about all the injustice, violence and stupidity that's going on in the world. like the rainforest burning and nobody stopping it.
but when it's about things that you have no control over, there's no point in contaminating your mind with it.
it's proven to stress you out subconsciously, not good for neither your physical nor your mental health.
try to reduce your exposure to advertisements as they are designed to fuck with your subconscious. i believe that the media is giving all of us a worrying amount of brainwashing that we can't even realize because we're permanently exposed to it.

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choose wisely

for relaxation or, as i call it, "rest and reset", don't just watch whatever youtube or netflix recommends, choose something with an upbeat topic that doesn't screw around with your subconscious (like a drama series might lead your body and mind to increase their stress levels).

and if you're really just using watching videos as a way to unwind and not as entertainment and distraction, try to find something with a more shallow plot so it's not too gripping or has a cliff hanger after every 10 minutes - so you don't get into an addictive, time stealing habit of mindless media consumption. laying on your bed our couch for some hours everyday to watch pointless stuff - we've all been there before, haven't we?

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i find many cartoons do that job very well, the episode's storylines are independent, they are usually jolly and peaceful or at least have a happy ending, they have short episodes you you can watch one a day without wasting a lot of time and they can make you a more optimistic person ^^
my favorites so far are "hilda", a cartoon for kids but it's very cute (there are tiny kitten cooties called nitten.. omg), "disenchantment", the new series by matt groening, "final space", "gravity falls" and "adventure time".

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i also love to watch documentaries about nature, the universe, the oceans, wild animals, ....
i find it extremely soothing to see beautiful parts of nature from all around the world and it's also cool because you learn something new about the earth you're living on.
i really recommend you from the bottom of my heart to watch "one strange rock" because it's a mindblowing masterpiece that reveals to you not only the beauty of earth but also how all these fascinating mechanisms of nature work.

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listen closely to your needs

stop being on your phone or in front of a screen when you're not feeling well, have a headache or already feel sluggish.

on last word before i'm going on an open-end media detox:

i think it we all would benefits from exchanging like half of the time we are spending in front of screens, chasing the un-real world, with doing something fun, creative, productive, social, spend time outside, read a book, create output, leave your footprints in the real world.
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thank you very, very much for reading.

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bye for now.
xx, a random girl from the internet

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