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1. mermaids or angels

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2. 1900s or 2000s?

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3. smooth jazz or beautiful classical?
smooth jazz.

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4. extovert, ambviert or introvert?

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5. chocolate bars or lollipops?

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6. movies or books?
i like both but i prefer books.

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7. spring or fall?

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8. rain or sunshine?

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9. dancing or singing?

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10. tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
currently i like coffee.

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11. what's your favorite song?
young and beautiful.

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12. what is your favorite scent?

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13. when do you normally wake up?
i don't know, it depends.

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14. what is your favorite book?
i really like the "after" books.

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15. who was your first idol in life?
katy perry.

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16. what game were you best in gym class?

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