My own aesthetic

fashion, hair, and blonde image eyes, green, and grunge image jeans, fashion, and beach image drawing, art, and draw image bed, room, and laptop image Temporarily removed

Movie character aesthetic

Mature image kill bill, uma thurman, and movie image kill bill image Temporarily removed
the bride - kill bill

TV show character aesthetic

Image removed tears, sad, and skin image skins, cassie, and eat image cassie, grunge, and holding hands image
Cassie - skins

Book character aesthetic

dark, grunge, and theme image Temporarily removed girl, flowers, and indie image eye, eyes, and green image book, library, and vintage image alcohol, drink, and friends image
Alaska Young - looking for alaska

Cartoon character aesthetic

fire and aesthetic image girl, hair, and aesthetic image Copyrighted image Temporarily removed cute, animal, and bunny image blue, shoes, and fashion image
Bloom - winx club

Actor aesthetic

aesthetic, alternative, and art image emma roberts, grunge, and indie image Temporarily removed freaks and geeks, james franco, and 90s image
James Franco

Actress aesthetic

Angelina Jolie, beauty, and black and white image Angelina Jolie, smile, and beautiful image Image removed Angelina Jolie, full lips, and summer cosmetics image Mature image tattoo and Angelina Jolie image
Angelina Jolie

Cartoon aesthetic

waves, sea, and summer image ohana, family, and disney image Image removed Temporarily removed
lilo and stich

TV show aesthetic

dance academy, christian, and dance image Temporarily removed kangaroo and cute image Temporarily removed
dance academy

Movie series aesthetic

divergent, book, and four image divergent, four, and tattoo image divergent, four, and tris image divergent, Shailene Woodley, and four image divergent, four, and tris image Temporarily removed
divergent series

Band/Singer aesthetic

lil peep and alternative image Temporarily removed tattoo, boy, and lil peep image Abusive image Abusive image Temporarily removed
lil peep

Album aesthetic

the weeknd and music image girl, heaven, and bad image Image removed asian, baby, and glossy image album cover, abel tesfaye, and background image aesthetic, green, and city image
Kiss Land by The Weeknd

Book aesthetic

film, summer outfit, and girl image aesthetic, fashion, and flowers image Abusive image Temporarily removed lolita image car, vintage, and road image
Lolita (by Vladimir Nabokov)

Male OC aesthetic

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed boy, grunge, and hampus image Abusive image grunge, aesthetic, and skateboard image money, dark, and grunge image
Ryan Dale | 20 years | daydreamer, popular, bisexual, compassionate

Female OC aesthetic

cherry, lips, and red image Inspiring Image on We Heart It ballet, contemporary, and pointe image Image by BRAin book, aesthetic, and vintage image Temporarily removed
Pia Black | 19 years | dancer, introvert, intelligent, secretly insecure

Someone who exists in real life aesthetic

the weeknd image boy, Hot, and laying image boy, icon, and Hot image wes tucker, boy, and wesley tucker image boy, cigarette, and Hot image party, grunge, and friends image
my crush