Studying season is here once again and if you are like me, aka: worried about everything, you may be wondering what to take in your bag.

In high school, my friends started to call me preschooler teacher since I always had the random things they needed, like tissues in the middle of a school assembly, so I think I have this list more than mastered.

This is not the basic stuff like notebooks, calculator and pens, this is the list of things you need to always be prepared. The just in case list.

You don't want to be the one who asks for stuff, you want to be the one who has the stuff.

1. Use a backpack

A good one. The more you add, the heavier it gets. Take care of your back.

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2. Touch-up / first-aid pouch

Now, I have two types of pouches. I call them the small one and the big one.

The small one is about 8x5cm and this is the one I'll take everywhere. If you go for a stroll at the park and you bring your purse / bag with you, then this one is coming too. When I feel like taking less weight or just the necessary / basic items, the small pouch is the chosen one.

But if I have classes for the whole day, or I'm going out afterwards, or I go to work, or I'm going to move a lot (eg. sports), I bring the big one. The size is variable.

Small one

  • Band-aids.
  • Painkillers and medicine (eg. for allergies, if you have them)
  • Hair ties.
  • Nail file.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Pad, tampons or the feminine product of your choice (don't think more than two or three, this is for the just in case, not for when you are on your period).
  • Lip balm.
  • If you're feeling extra add: mirror, mints, other hair accessories (like hair clips, hairpins, scrunchies, etc.).
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Big one

  • Deodorant (I used to go for one in spray form 'cause if someone asks you to share is more hygienic).
  • Mini perfume (you can use samples).
  • Lip colour / product of the day.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Moisturizer (I usually take a hand moisturizer, but a small all-purpose one is better).
  • If you're feeling extra add: nail polish of the day or nail polish remover (if you have your nails painted, duh), wet wipes, safety pins, extra clothes (eg. you should change at least your top after PE or sports).
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3. Basics for survival

  • Tissues (this was pretty much my personal brand at school. Everybody needs tissues, and most people forget to have them around. Don't. It'll change your life).
  • Water bottle (stay hydrated for a healthy body and beautiful skin).
  • Extra money (if your backpack has a small pocket or something similar put a bit of cash, like the change you get after lunch. If you ever are on a rush for a snack or bus ticket, or anything really, it can save you from a bad experience).
  • Phone charger and / or battery bank (these days, being without your phone is like being without a piece of your brain, so be prepared).
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4. Stationery supplies

Some people are fine with a notebook and a pen, and that's ok. But for me, in this particular department, more is more.

I'm also a visual learner so I need to have a lot of colours and decorative elements in my notes.

Side note: If you don't know what type of learner you are then you're missing out. (Might help... (โ–บ) https://arden.ac.uk/what-type-learner-are-you)

Pencil pouch

  • Post-its (a must).
  • Paper and binder clips.
  • Scissors.
  • Ruler.
  • Cutter (if you can or want).
  • Glue.
  • Extra basic pens (eg. if your teacher wants the exam to be with black ink pens only, don't take one, take two, 'cause if it runs out and you don't have an extra, ohhh mannn.
  • If you're feeling extra add: scotch, markers (my personal fave).


  • Folder for loose papers (always handy).
  • White paper (this is a new one for me and I don't always take it, but it helps a lot, especially when I need to print something at my university).
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And we're dooooooone!!

A piece of good advice: use the pockets and different segments or spaces of your bag smartly. If there's none, create them yourself with smaller bags or pouches. If you throw too much stuff in the same place it'll become too messy to handle.

For more inspiration check out my related collection... (โ–ผ)

Hope you enjoyed reading and happy studying time! L. x

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