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1. Never have I ever, bragged about something I have not done

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Yeah, not proud tho, don't do it

2. Never have I ever, driven drunk

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I don't have a license, but even if I had, I'd never do that. This is one of the dumbest thing you can do. It's not only you on the road.

3. Never have I ever, made fun of someone

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I have. I'm not that popular mean girl, I've been a target, people made fun of me too. It's not something I'm proud of, but I can't control myself if someone is just SO stupid.

4. Never have I ever, stole something with a higher value than $10

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Why would I steal anything?

5. Never have I ever, really liked a song by Justin Bieber

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If "Lolly" counts, then I have.

6. Never have I ever, done a handstand with one hand

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7. Never have I ever, lied to a friend to avoid a greater evil

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8. Never have I ever, escaped from class

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I have. I mean... who else would stay home and watch tv shows?

9. Never have I ever, fallen in love with anyone through the network

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Do celebrities count?

10. Never have I ever, lied in this game

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11. Never have I ever, said an “I love you” without feeling it

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I have

12. Never have I ever, traveled by plane

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13. Never have I ever, stuck gum under a desk

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14. Never have I ever, bit my tongue

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I have

15. Never have I ever, swam naked in a pool / beach

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16. Never have I ever, got drunk

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I have

17. Never have I ever, kissed my best friend

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I have

18. Never have I ever, screwed up at school

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I have

19. Never have I ever, seen a topless on the beach

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I have

20. Never have I ever, been in love with my teacher in college

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21. Never have I ever, wanted to fall in love with my sister’s/brothers friend

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Why the fuck I would WANT that? Who just says "oh, I wanna fall in love with this one?"

22. Never have I ever, been stuck in a lift

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I have. SInce then I use the stairs

23. Never have I ever, lied to my parents about where I’m going

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I have

24. Never have I ever, been in handcuffs

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25. Never have I ever, fallen asleep in the cinema

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Never. I just don't understand people who fall asleep during a movie, not just in the cinema. I mean???

26. Never have I ever, done something I regret

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I have