Hey guys,

This is my first article on here and it's about my ideal morning routine. I really hope you'll enjoy it!

✮ 5:00 AM, Wake up early

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Waking up earlier is perfect for doing anything without rushing! You may think that getting up this early is a little bit too extreme, but trust me you'll realize soon how many things you can accomplish in a day.

✮ 5:10 AM, Take time for yourself

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Don't rush, take time for yourself. Relax, wash your face, drink water, read something and prepare for the gym.

✮ 6:00 AM, Work out

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Doing some exercise, especially in the morning, gives you so much energy and motivation, preparing you for the day ahead. Try either doing a full-body workout or simply going for a run, it's important that you are always on the move! BEFORE WORKING OUT EAT SOMETHING!

✮ 7:00 AM, Eat breakfast

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Breakfast is the most relevant meal of the day. Don't forget or avoid to eat it!

✮ 7:30 AM, Take a shower (or a bath)

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Take a bath and in the meantime read your favorite book.

✮ 8:15 AM, Skincare routine and do your makeup

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Do your skincare routine, even apply a mask if you have time and then do your make up.

✮ 8:45 AM, Dress up and get ready for the day

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Dress up for the day!

I actually hope you like it!

Katija ♡ 🇮🇹