Hey Everybody!
First of all, I would like to introduce myself :)
My name is Tifani, I am from the Netherlands (that's why my English won't be perfect), and if you would like to know .. I am nineteen years old.

Now, let's talk about the real sh*t!
When I have nothing to do and I am not busy with school, I like to write books.

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The last few weeks I have been busy with a new book. The book is called 'Glass House'. It is a fantasy book, more information below!

Glass House:

Glass house; is a fantasy book about gods. The main role is a half human half/half god child, she is been held in a glass house and would do anything to save the gods!


The people and the gods lived together in peace. The gods kept the nature in balance, the people cared for the gods and thanked them by bringing gifts. But on a festive evening for the gods, the people turned against them. The people killed all the gods and set their heaven in fire and flames. Only the newborn, half-divine baby was kept alive. The people broke the bridges to heaven and took the baby with them. They kept the baby hidden from the world in a "Glass House." What the people did not know is that all the gods were still alive in the baby that is what made her very special and incredibly powerful, the most powerful goddess ever! All the gods inside her waited patiently for the day that Pallas Athena would free them from their hell! But will Pallas Athena succeed in her mission on saving the gods or will the earth forget about the existints of the gods? You will only get to know the answer of this question if you read 'Glass House'!

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Where can I read the book?

That is a good question!
You can read the book on #Wattpad.


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p;Make sure you are also following my instagram: @glasshouse_book

Thank you,