Haven't we all fantasized about our ultimate dream wedding? What dress to choose, how we're gonna wear our hair, where we're going on our honeymoon and what wedding theme we're gonna have. I think these thoughts have crossed most of our minds more than ones, am I right?

Anyways, in this article I'm going to share with all of you what MY dream wedding would look like...

First of all, the dress. That's the first step, right? And also a very important one. Finding the perfect dress... The only problem is that there are so many pretty ones, how can a girl choose? The 2 things that I do know is that I want a lot of sparkle and it has to fit my body perfectly. I also want my mom, my sister and my closest friends to come with me to the fitting.

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When the perfect dress is found I have to come to a conclusion of how I want the wedding to look like... decor, table setting, cake, the altar etc. I have so many ideas, I don't know how to choose "only" one of them. My gosh, help me out.

I'm the kind of girl who loves the outdoor, so I'm thinking... maybe the wedding look similar to Bella & Edwards wedding in "Breaking Dawn part 1". That'd be beyond perfect...

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I could also go with a "flower theme", white and pure flowers, maybe even baby pink ones because my favorite color, that'd be adorable....

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When all the planning is done, and my wedding day finally's here, it'll start with me waking up in my luxury suit hotel room with my sister and my mom. My bridesmaids are in the rooms next to ours, waiting for me to call them in.

When we've all had a wonderful breakfast out on the huge balcony, my hairdresser and makeup artist (that I would most like to be James Charles) arrives and starts baking my face and hair. Meanwhile my bridesmaids and maid of honor (my sister) are also getting ready.

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When me and my bridesmaids are looking stunning and fabulous (or sister fresh, like James would say), we have to make time to take some pictures before we head down to the limo waiting outside the hotel. There will be no day where we'll be more instagram ready.

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When we arrive at the place of the wedding we walk to a room where we can prepare ourselves in peace before the big ceremony...

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When all the guests have arrived, and my soon-to-be husband stands ready at the altar with his bestman by his side, the music starts and my bridesmaids and I start walking down the aisle. I have my father close next to me, holding me as tight (but gently) as he can.

When my fiancé sees me, he starts crying and as my dad leaves me over to him he looks at me and gives me the biggest and nicest smile I've ever had.

During the ceremony I have so many emotions inside of me, happiness, thankfulness, excitement... but most of all I feel love. For him, and for everyone who have come to share this wonderful day with me.

And then we finally say yes to each other. Now we're husband and wife.

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We all know what happens after the ceremony right? First dinner with lots of speaks from friends and family, then dessert and cake of course. When we're all full of delicious foods, it's time to PARTY! And let me tell you this... This night I'll party like never before.

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After a full night of partying and having the most fun time of our lives, me and my husband say our goodbyes to our guests and then we jump in a limo that drives us to the airport where a private jet waits for us...

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Honeymoons should be the most perfect trip of your life, right? But since there are so many perfect places to visit we couldn't really only choose one of them... so we decided to visit all of our dream destinations, romatic cities and tropical islands. And we're going to have the most amazing and wonderful time of our lives. It's going to be the most perfect way to start our marriage. ♡

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How would your dream wedding be?

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