2 memories out of my life that still make me smile

Okay so here are 2 memories out of my life that make me smile (there are more than i will tell but these are one of my favorites)

First date with my boyfriend

Okay so this one is my favorite because it was kinda awkward but amazing. So i met my bf on instagram because he send me a DM to ask me what study i was gonna follow (we went to the same school) after we talked about that we never met because i was kinda scared because in didn't really know him but on the first day of school we decided to meet in the cafeteria in school when we met i gave him a hug and we talked, after talking for a hour i needed to go home. After i was home i messaged him to ask if he wanted to go see a movie that friday night and luckily he said yes. So we met at the movie theater that friday night around 7 PM and we to see the movie "papillon". during the movie he grabbed my hand and pulled me against his chest it thought it was very cute and romantic, after the movie we decided to go for a walk and we found a bench with a beautiful view across a lake so we decided to sit down for a moment after talking for about an hour it was quiet for a moment and then we kissed for the first time and then he brought me home and introduced himself to my parents. That was my first date. and my favorite memory <3

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Graduating high school

Okay so guys just so you know in the netherlands you just have 4 years of highschool and then you graduate and you go to a new school and start "college". Okay now i start telling my memory of graduating high school.... so i love this memory because i finally finished that school after 4 years of studying it was a real party because our school organized a graduation party. I had 2 of my friends that graduated with me and 2 that needed to do the final year all over again because they failed their exams. In my graduation speech they used a picture from when i was 7..... and my ex-boyfriend was in the same room and he took a picture and put it on instagram...... so that was a bad thing that happened. But i got my diploma and i decided i wanted to be a teacher. So from that moment on i study to be a teacher i do that on a school in my hometown Sneek and i'm in the "second year" on that school now and in total i have to study 3 years then i'll get my diploma again and after this school i'll have to study again for about 3/4 years and then i can start my career as a teacher (fun fact my boyfriend also wants to be a teacher)

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Okay so that was day 2 i hope you enjoyed it. I'll grab a coffee now because i just woke up. Bye babes <3