Rot an der Rot (DE)

  • February 22.-23.
  • School Trip - P Seminar
  • with Lari, Hanni, Carmen, Sophie, Merk, Leo, Sönke, Efe, Luk, Basti, Sara, Rana...
school and trip image friends and party image girl, tumblr, and vodka image Temporarily removed

Amsterdam (NE)

  • April 15.-20.
  • Fun Trip
  • with Lari
Image removed flowers and spring image fashion, flea market, and girl image alone, girl, and girls image

Ingolstadt (DE)

  • April 25.-26.
  • Reunion Day
  • with Helen, Fio, Kay, Katha, Melina
friends image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed 18, birthday, and goals image

Mainz (DE)

  • May 18.-19.
  • Couple Weekend
  • with Kili
couple, love, and Relationship image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed love, couple, and bed image

New York (USA)

  • June 9.-23.
  • EF Trip
  • with Lari
Temporarily removed aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image friends, girl, and picnic image girls, new york, and friends image

Mainz (DE)

  • July 28.-30.
  • Couple Weekend
  • with Kili
beautiful, beauty, and boy and girl image Inspiring Image on We Heart It couple, love, and Relationship image coffee, girl, and book image

Lloret de Mar (SP)

  • August 1.-8.
  • Party Trip
  • with Lari, Hanni, Carmen
melhores amigos image boys, girl, and praia image beach, girl, and summer image summer, beach, and sky image

Marklohe (DE)

  • August 12.-15.
  • Buisness Trip
  • with Anika, Basti, Axmann, Luk, Sönke
nature, travel, and mountains image 007, daniel craig, and James Bond image friends, roof, and indie image Image removed


Vienna (AU)

  • September
  • School Trip
  • with Lari, Hanni, Carmen, Stefie, Sophie, Merk, Leo, Elif, Jenny, Annalena, Kathrin, Anni, Jule...
city, travel, and architecture image art, beauty, and history image

London (EN)

  • November
  • Musical Weekend
  • with Mum
london, travel, and plane image city, hamilton, and lights image

Laax (SW)

  • December
  • Skiing Trip
  • with Lari, Hanni, Carmen
snow, winter, and travel image winter, fashion, and snow image

Havanna (CU)

  • December
  • Family Vacation
  • with Mum, Dad, Magnus
love and cuba image Temporarily removed

Thank you so much for reading :)
xoxo Helena