I made time to make an article about my country. I got inspired by various hearters. I hope you enjoy.

1. Favorite place in your country?

There are a lot of places I love. But if I have to choose it would be the city Leiden and the Wadden Islands.

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2. Do you prefer spending your holidays in your country or would you rather travel abroad?

I like to travel abroad but a short holiday in my own country is always a great idea.

My favourite country to go on holiday to is Italy. The nature, the food, the people and the history of Italy is fantastic. This year I went to Scotland, and I have fallen in love. The nature and the climate is amazing there and the Scottish people are so nice! They are relaxed and polite and you can always have a laugh with them.

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3. Does your country have access to the sea?

Yes, the Netherlands has access to the sea in the west and north side. I think the Dutch coast is beautiful.

4. Favorite dish specific for your country?

Dutch food is great!! I have a few favourites

  • Kroketten
  • Poffertjes
  • Erwtensoep (Snert)
  • Stroopwafel
  • Oliebollen
  • Dutch pancake
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And there are a lot more delicious Dutch delicacies.

5. Favorite song in your native language?

  • Telkens Weer - Willeke Alberti
  • Oceaan - Racoon
  • Avond - Boudewijn de Groot

6. Most hated song in your native language?

Bad production music with people who don't have any musical talent, but just do it for the fame.

One of that kind of music is 'Op Me Monnie' by Famke Louise

7. Three words from your native language you like the most?

  • Gezellig (there isn't a exact translation for this word but it is something like coziness)
  • Vrijen (making love)
  • Knuffelen (hugging/cuddling)

8. Do you get confused with other nationalities? If so, which one?

Mostly the German nationality. I understand a little bit because Germans and Dutchies look not very different from each other and our language can sound German to someone who doesn't understand German or Dutch.

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9. Which of your neighboring countries would you like to visit most/know best?

My neighboring countries are Germany and Belgium. I like Belgium and Germany both a lot. Mostly because I like the people there.

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10. Most enjoyable swear word in your native language?

  • Tering
  • Tyfus
  • Godverdomme
  • Kut

I won't translate it.

11. Does your country have any traditions that might seem strange to others outsiders?

  • Sinterklaas. It is like Santa Claus but Sinterklaas is an older tradition because Santa Claus is invented later and is kind of an rip off of Sinterklaas.
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This are the sweets you get in your shoe from Black Pete (Sinterklaas's helper) if you have sung a song in front of the fireplace and at night Black Pete will come through the chimney giving you those sweets.
  • Beschuit Met Muisjes. When a baby is born it is celebrated with eating beschuit met muisjes. If it is a girl you'll eat pink muisjes (little mice) (<- Not real mice of course xD) and if it is a boy it you'll eat blue muisjes.
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  • Hanging our flags together with our schoolbag when we graduate from High School. That way everyone passing by your house can see you are graduated

12. Do you enjoy your country's cinema or tv?

Some Dutch tv shows are not bad. 'The Voice Of Holland' is the original Voice-show. I love to watch that.

And I love old Dutch child shows that I loved to watch as a kid.

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13. Sayings that only people of your country will understand.

  • Nu komt de aap uit de mouw (now the monkey comes out of the sleeve) Meaning: the moment that a hidden motive or the truth behind something is revealed.
  • Alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest (As if an little angel is peeing on your tongue) Meaning: when you really like the taste of your food.
  • Het valt met bakken uit de hemel (It falls from buckets out of the sky) Meaning: perfectly illustrating the intense Dutch rain falling down in sheets.
  • Al draagt een aap een gouden ring, het is en blijft een lelijk ding (even if a monkey wears a golden ring, it is and always will a ugly thing) Meaning: used to convey the message that superficial or cosmetic changes are futile at disguising the true nature of a person or thing.
  • Van een mug een olifant maken (To make an elephant out of a fly) Meaning: making a big problem out of a rather small problem or not even a problem at all.
  • Met de deur in huis vallen (to fall with the door into the house) Meaning: to get straight to the point.

14. Which stereotype of your country do you hate and which one do you somewhat agree with?

The hated stereotype

Every Dutch person smokes weed and is stoned.

The Dutch policies tolerate the use of weed. So, that explains the stereotype that says that everyone is stoned. But the funny thing is that, reportedly, the Dutch are among the lowest cannabis users in Europe.

The stereotype I agree with

The Dutch are very blunt.

The Dutch are frank, blunt, no-nonsense people. They won’t pretend to like something just because they think it might offend you if they give their honest opinion. And I actually really like that.

15. Are you interested in your country's history?

Yes, very much!! As far as I know I have Dutch ancestors for the most part. And I think it is important how my family have built up the country that I live in now and what they have been through.

16. Do you speak in a dialect of your native language?

I speak Dutch without a dialect. But although the Netherlands is a small country, we have a lot of different dialects. And sometimes I would like to speak in a dialect cause I like how it sounds.

17. Do you like your country's flag? What about the hymn?

Yes, I do like the flag of my country. I like the colours.

I don't love the Dutch hymn, but I also don't hate it. The reason I don't love it is because of the lyrics. It is a bit weird and the tempo of the music is too slow to me.

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18. Which sport is THE sport in your country?

Football (or soccer)

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19. If you could send 2 things from your country into space, what would it be?

Some annoying Dutch celebrities and... Yeah, that's it I think. XD

20. What makes you proud of your country? What makes you ashamed?

Knowledge of watermanagement and the social security.

Environment and the prostitution policy.

21. Which alcoholic beverage is the favorite one in your country?

Beer and wine.. but mostly beer.

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22. What nation is the most joked about in your country?

Definitely Belgium and also Morocco a little bit.

23. Would you like to be born in another country?

I think I got pretty lucky to be born in a whealthy country that lives in peace. But there are also a lot of other countries that are great to live in of course.

24. Does your nationality get portrayed in foreign media and what do you think about the portrayal?

I think the Dutch get portrayed in foreign media sometimes, but it is difficult to say in what kind of way they portray us.

25. Favorite national celebrity?

Douwe Bob and Jett Rebel.

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26. Does your country have a lot of lakes/mountains/rivers? Do you have favorites?

We do have a lot of lakes and canals and rivers. But not any mountains. The Netherlands is flat as hell. The highest hill is about 300 meters.... So, that is not really impressive.

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27. Does your city has rivalry among other cities in your country?

Not in my city, cause I don't live in a city. But there is a big rivalry between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, especially if it concerns their football teams.

28. Do you have people from other nationalities in your family?

Nope, not as far as I know.

Thank you so much for reading this article. I put a lot of work in it and I loved to make it.

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Lots of love