Hey loves!

My bestie lives in San Diego and I finally got to spend some time with her in this amazing city! All of Cali is beautiful but San Diego has something very unique to offer - check out my top five things to do there!

1. Go to the San Diego Zoo

San Diego and zoo image

It may take you a few days to see everything but it is sooo worth it! There are so many amazing animals to see and learn about, plus its great bestie bonding time!

2. Visit La Jolla Cove

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By far the most beautiful sites in San Diego can be found at La Jolla Cove. Spend the day walking along the water and hit up a delicious restaurant.

3. Go Shopping!

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San Diego has some amazing shops and even better street fairs! I stumbled upon two during my visit and it was so fun.

4. Eat at an Amazing Restaurant

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I have one word for you. Sushi. As someone who lives far from the ocean, I know the value of freshly caught fish and San Diego has some of the best!

5. Lounge in the sun at Coronado Beach

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The water is beautiful, the houses gorgeous, and the restaurants delicious. All you need for a top-notch vaycay.

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I hope you get the chance to travel all over and enjoy the world!

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This article was written by @CNBB.