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Can you believe it is almost fall and school is starting? I am nervous, excited, not wanting to go, etc but it is on the way. This is my final year of high school so I am ready to get that extra glam on for a super stylish outfit.

But if you're needing a little extra help on deciding on what to get, look no further!


Striped Tee + Light Vest + Ripped Jeans + Suede Heels

Start comfy and classy in a cute tee styled with heels. Look good, feel good, and own it.

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_ Off Shoulder Smocked Top + Jean Skirt + Sneakers_

The off the shoulder top adds a hint of chic and classic style with jeans and sneakers. Of course, this outfit can vary with many other options, colors, shoes, accessories, the sky's the limit!

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Black Velvet Cami + Grey Plaid Pants + Sherpa Jacket + Black Booties

Stay warm and look cool in this layered outfit. Cool enough for summer but also stay cozy for those fall temperatures.

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Cozy Sweater + Black Leggings + Sandals + Watch

Can’t get enough of the fall feels yet? Sweaters are a must-have plus sandals keep the remnants of summer alive.

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Cropped Graphic Tee + Comfy Shorts + Slides

End of the week, yay! Some schools have full days while others only have half days. Prepare yourself for the weekend with a trendy graphic tee while staying comfy with shorts & slides.

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