I came across a bunch of different 'if i were a kpop idol' tag, and it looked really fun and creative, and come on... who doesn't want to be a kpop idol?!

Let's start!

┈┈┈ BASIC INFO ┈┈┈

Name: Park Nari
Stagename: Nari
Birthday: March 28th 1996
Zodiac: Aries
Age: 23
Nationality: Korean - Danish
Birth place: Seoul, Korea
Company: Big Hit Entertainment
Training period: 2 years
Position: Solo artist
Debut date: June 8th 2014


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Height: 163 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Hair color: Naturally dark brown, but she likes to have fun and experiment with different colors
Eye color: Blue
Skin: She's got fair skin, but she tans easily


Personality traits: She's very funny and she likes to joke around, but when needs be she can be very serious. She's confident in her own skin, and she loves meeting and talking to new people. She's very sophisticated, chic and girly.
Positive traits: very humble, easy to talk to, determined, bubbly and talkative, sensible, respectful of others.
Negative traits: She's very talkative so sometimes she can talk too much.
Habits: She's addicted to lipbalm, cracks her fingers a lot, always singing random songs that's stuck in her head.
Likes: She's obsessed with coffee - preferably iced coffee, but she will settle for tea in the evenings. Being interactive with her fans either through social media or in person. She's also a huge animal lover and she loves scary movies!
Dislikes: She absolutely hates spiders and will run away! She also hates clowns. She hates judgmental people and people that have no respect for others.

┈┈┈ STYLE ┈┈┈

Street style/off duty:

fashion, outfit, and look image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, white, and style image fashion, jeans, and girl image vans, shoes, and black image aesthetic, cosy, and fashion image
She loves very comfy clothes, anything in black and white or very neutral earth tones, and vans is her go too shoes.

Award shows:

fashion and dress image fashion, dress, and style image Temporarily removed Image by sündos Image removed fashion, runway, and 90s image
She still very much loves her neutral colors when it comes to red carpets. But she still likes to be daring and show off her body. Sometimes she'll step out of her comfort zone and wear something more colorful or daring.


Abusive image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, clothes, and style image Temporarily removed fashion, style, and gucci image fashion, yellow, and outfit image
She very much has a business like fashion sense when it comes to interview. She likes the professional and sophisticated look.


fashion, airport, and girl image Temporarily removed kpop, taeyeon, and snsd image kpop, twice, and airport fashion image kpop, red velvet, and irene image kpop, twice, and airport fashion image
Comfort is key for her!

On stage/mv's:

fashion, red, and girl image black, fashion, and gold image fashion, runway, and style image aesthetic, asian, and diamonds image hyejin, mamamoo, and hwasa image abs, kpop, and mamamoo image
Her look changes a lot depending on the concept.


Food: She loves Italian food and ramen
Color: White and yellow
TV shows: He Is Psychometric, FRIENDS, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
Movies: She loves anything with horror or a lot of romance
Role models: Chungha, Hyuna

┈┈┈ FUN FACTS ┈┈┈

» She has a husky named Enzo
» She's a very athletic person
» She's an only child
» She's fluent in English, Danish, Korean and a little bit of French
» Her personality on stage and in music videos, is very different from her off stage personality
» She is a bookworm
» She loves taking pictures with a digital camera or polaroid
» She has starred in more than two Korean movies and one American movie
» She lived in Korea till the age of 12, before she moved to Denmark where she lived until she was 16 and then moved to Seoul, South Korea to become a trainee
» She was rumored to be dating Jeon Jungkook from BTS, but that was all a false rumor.
» She's really close to all the members of BTS, but she's especially close with Jimin and Jungkook

┈┈┈ FRIENDS ┈┈┈

Image by Z. Image by Z.
Jimin ~ bts
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jennie and blackpink image jennie and blackpink image
Jennie ~ Blackpink
i.m image i.m, changkyun, and monsta x image
I.M ~ Monsta X
bts, jungkook, and kpop image Image by sunrise
Jungkook ~ bts

┈┈┈ LOVE ┈┈┈

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Boyfriend: Park Chanyeol

How they met: They first met back in 2015 during MAMA in Hong Kong, where they were introduced and became friends. But it wasn't until mid 2016 they started dating and they later confirmed it when she was spotted getting in to his car outside his apartment.

Time together: Almost 3 years. From June 2016 - present


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