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Without further ado, please enjoy this guide to architectural terms to better your imagery and world-building.
P.S. It's alphabetized... ;) You're welcome.

Accolade: sculpture embellishment on an arch
Arcade: walkway or hallway surrounded by arches supported by columns
Arrowslit: vertical slit on a wall for archers to shoot from
Ashlar: masonry of large blocks with even faces and square edges
Atrium: inner court or a covered court with dome ceiling
Balconet: false balcony or railing covering the lower half of a window
Battlement: a parapet with indentations for artillery to shoot from
Belfry: tower or stage where bells are hung
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Bond: overlapping bricks
Bracket: weight bearing beam of wood, metal, or stone overhanging a wall
Bressummer: horizontal beam supporting wall above
Bulwark: barricade of the earth for mounting artillery
Buttress: vertical member projecting from a wall to stabilize arch, roof, or vault
Capital: topmost member of a column
Caryatid: female sculpture acting as a column or pillar
Coffer: sunken panel in a ceiling or vault
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Coping: covering of a wall
Cornice: horizontal decorative molding around the crown of a building or furniture
Crypt: stone chamber beneath a church
Crypto-porticus: covered passageway typically underground with ventilation and lighting from above
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Cupola: small structure on top of building, often dome-like
Dais: raised platform at forefront of room or hall for the most important people who want to make sure all their haters can see them and be jealous
Dormer: protrusion from a sloping roof to add space and most often enable the addition of windows
Dromos: entrance passageway or avenue
Entablature: superstructure of moldings and bands on capitals of columns
Estrade: French dais
Facade: exterior of a building, usually the front
Gable: triangular portion of the end wall, between edges of sloping roof
Gambrel: symmetrical two-sided roof sloping on both sides (your typical Minecraft roof)
Gazebo: freestanding pavillion
Grotto: submerged room with access to the exterior but only entered and exited through the connected building
Hip roof: all edges slope down from ridges to eaves (4 sided roof)
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Hyphen: structure connecting wings of a building
Jettying: _building technique in which upper floor projects beyond dimensions of lower floor _
Keystone: apex of vault or arch
Lacunar: recessed paneling of ceiling or vault
Lintel: horizontal block spanning two supports, usually over a window or door
Loculus: architectural niche for catacomb, mausoleum, or other places for dead bodies and death and creepy things
Loggia: gallery on the upper floor overlooking open court or garden
Lunette: half-mooned shaped space
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Mansard roof: each face has two slopes, and upper and lower, and top or roof is flat
Marriage stone: stone lintel carved with marriage date
Mascaron: usually human face carved as decorative element
Meander: decorative border of repeated linear motif
Motif: decorative design/pattern
Nave: main room of a church
Newel: central pillar of spiral staircase
Oculus: circular opening in the center of a dome
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Onion dome: I think you can guess... dome in the shape of an onion
Parapet: low wall on top of roof, bridges, or balconies
Pedestal/Plinth: base where column or statue is mounted
Phiale: building or columned arcade around a fountain
Pilaster: column built into the wall, slightly projecting
Poppyheads: decorative ornamentation terminating at tops of bench ends
Portcullis: wooden or metal grid gate protecting the entrance of castle
Portico: series of columns or arches in front of a building, usually a covered walkway
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Quoin: cornerstone of brick/stone wall
Rotunda: large and high circular hall or room of a building, usually with a dome
Sash: horizontal and the vertical frame surrounding a window (NOT the frames of individual panes, but of the whole window)
Scroll: ornamental element or motif in a spiral pattern
Spandrel: space between two arches
Spire: _tapering cone-like or pyramid-like structure on top of a building
Tracery: stone elements that support the glass in Gothic windows
Turret: smaller tower projecting vertically from main structure
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Aurora ✾

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