It has not happened to them that despite being well in quotes and leading a quiet life it feels a bit empty as the meaning of their lives has become a bit opaque as lacking energy, and unintentionally this takes away vitality and joy It can even trigger depression.

And yes, this may be because we lack a love, or we are wrong with someone or ourselves or maybe because we do not know what our goal is. Here I am going to leave some tips to stop feeling that emptiness that does not allow us to be ourselves.

1. Paint what you feel.

art, van gogh, and painting image

This is the best to express ourselves, because here if you are shy you will feel comfortable, no matter what result you have, feel free and happy with what you did.

2. Read a book.

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Many times they help us find our way and discover new ones, in addition they expand our imagination and reinforce our concentration.

3. Dress up for freedom.

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Dressing as you want is the ultimate expression of yourself, because you will feel safe, free because you remember the style you choose is you and people will notice, they will admire you and even want to imitate you.

4. Dance

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Dance without fear feeling the music without any choreography just let off steam.

I hope this works for you. I did it and now I am happy with myself, I know what my path is and I know how I will walk on it.

Thanks for read me, love u guys.