Hi everybody!! This is my first article and I'm going to use it to find friends (I want to be social for once in my life).

So, I'm going to write about myself and if I pick your interest just send me a message!!

  • My name is Gabriela and I'm 17
  • My birthday is on November 1st
  • I'm from Bogota, Colombia
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  • I speak Spanish (Obviously) and English
  • I'm very shy and quiet but also talk a lot and very fast sometimes (I'm a lonely girl, I have too much information retained inside me). Sarcastic, realistic, open minded, and millions of other things.
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  • I like k-pop, pop, alternative, rock and others. I'm a music addict to summarize!!
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  • I'm a vegetarian
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  • Animal lover
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  • I love reading
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  • Proud pansexual
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And that's it for now because I'm in class... But if you want to talk about random stuff send me a message and I surely will respond!!