Hey Hey, Moiiii is here.

Yesterday I couldn't post at ALL, like it was just not possible so today, you'll have a double post;)

The hardest part of going back to school, for me, isn't the long school days, a lot of homework and tests, annoying people, annoying teachers- No.
It's. Waking. Up. Early. I just can't do it. Waking up at 6 AM and having like 5 hours of sleep is hard.

So here I have some tips for you (and me) so that it will be easier to wake up in the morning!

Sleeping early

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If you sleep early enough so you will have 8/9 hours of sleep or more when you wake up, is perfect. Don't stay up till 12 watching memes and reading Wattpad (Umm....)! Sleep early so you will wake up early.

End day productive

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When I have my normal night routine, skincare routine without skipping things out of it, have a clean room, have the things done that needed to be done. I wake up so fast when my alarm goes off and start the day just as productive as I ended it. So don't just jump in bed but actually end it good.

Wake up for a reason

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Tomorrow is gonna be a new day, maybe you will try something new, read your fave book, write an article or a book, have a you day. Whatever it is, have a reason to wake up for. Those things are just the little things but think about the big things. Your dreams, your future. Work towards it and let it be the reason you open your eyes for in the morning.

Reading before sleeping

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Reading is really good for you, we all know that. But reading before bed is A M A Z I N G. You will get tired because of the many words and when you stop reading you'll fall in sleep fast! It's better than being on your phone.

Drink water when you wake up

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Drinking water when you wake up is really good for you, If done it for a while (will start it again) and I can tell you that it's amazing! Plus it's good for your body and skin.

wake up at one time

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Wake up at one time every night so your body gets used to it and you will be less tired at the time you always wake up at so it will be easier to.... wake up duh.

Don't hit snooze

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I don't even need to explain this, do I? And remember, the most successful people don't hit snooze.

Put your phone away

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Put your phone on your desk or something so that when your alarm goes off, you need to get out of bed to turn it off.

Make a routine of it

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sleep at one time, wake up at one time. Like I said, your body will get used to it so it will be more tired at the time you always sleep and more awake at the time you always wake up at.

wake up early in the weekends

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keep your routine up! And no need to wake up at the same time as workdays but just early. You'll get used to it and have more of your weekend.

Jump out of bed immediately.

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Don't lay there, wishing you'll be a rock in your next life- NO stand-up and do your thing right away, wash your face and let the tiredness slip away.


  • Happier
  • Less stress
  • More productive
  • More free time
  • More things done
  • Relaxed mind
  • Good for your body

That was it! I hope it was helpful:)

Kiss, Kiss,