today we're gonna talk about tv shows..duh, cuz It's pretty hard for me to find a tv show that really entertains me cuz I get distracted easily and forget what I was watching, so If you want to binge watch something just keep reading!

Teen wolf

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It's pretty basic, I know, BUT the story catch you and you just keep watching because you want to know what the heck happens next; besides the characters are amazing, you bond with them fast and care about them like if they're real (like if we don't do this with almost everything made for entretain, am I right?)

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This is kinda oldie but a goldie, it has a buch of seasons and the awsome part is that they're differente from one another and still gave us hints about the previos seasons!

It can get pretty bizarre sometimes so if you're sensitive I reccommend you to pass this one (but still is pretty good, trust me)

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Deadly Class

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This show was so good, the aesthetic, the songs, the storyline, the characters...almost everything!

It hypnotizes you and leaves you wanting more, you want to know what will happen to the characters and know why they are the way they are. It's just great, one of my favorite series ...

(This tv show contains some mature content so if you're sensitive or a minor pass this one)

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[Cries in la cancelaron]

How I meet your mother

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This tv show is legendary! It's funny and you can relate to the characters, also it teaches you that the adult life can be tought sometimes but that dosen't mean it cannot be funny!

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This series is good, but personally I prefer the first seasons, however the others are also good.

It's nice to see how the characters grow and learn from their experiences, it makes you feel part of some way ..

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H2O: Just add Water

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I know, I know this tv show is old and a little bit childish, but it's still good and was a big part of my childhood, so why not binge watch it again?

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Freaks and Geeks

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I really love this show, it's funny and realistic about how adolescence is. In addition, you can connect with the characters and even if they are wrong they try to amend their mistakes and be better.

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Fresh prince of Bel-air

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OLDIE BUT -hear me out- GOLDIE! This tv show is good, it's funny and at the same time somewhat realistic. What can I say? It's good...

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Well, this is all for now see ya!