a.k.a ; one of the funniest youtube series ever.
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mackenzie zales
head cheerleader, homecoming queen, AND part-time model.
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brittnay matthews
the hottest (and angriest) girl in school. will not hesitate to end someone. swears like a sailor.
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trisha cappelletti
the nicest girl on the cheer team but also the craziest lowkey. chaotic good energy.
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deandra, the new girl
loves food, roasting people, and gross teenage boy humor. a dangerous enemy + great ally.
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shay van buren
snarky, dramatic, popular. kinda a wannabe.
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saison marguerite
dumb, friendly, positive. the receiving end to brittnay's wrath.
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AND WARNING: I don't recommend watching it unless you are older because it can be pretty rated R due to strong language and topic matter. Also it can be gross at times lol.
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but anyways thank you for reading!