soulmates aren't just lovers. they're souls may not always be perfectly the same or perfectly matched, soulmates simply means that two souls are so desperate for each other because they are so intertwined that it physically and spiritually hurts for them to be apart... mentally or physically. soulmate arnt everything, but they make everything so much more meaningful. a look, a kiss, a hug, an i love you. the seconds, minutes, hours, days , years separating them hurt more and drag out and yet through all that hurt they still hold onto each other no matter how painful because they know that its not often you find your mate, that what you have is so beautiful that even when your together it hurts because its too good to look at, its blinding because its so bright and good. having a soulmate means you have found the one person who will fight to see you, hate to lose you, and die to keep you. it means finding the one person you would fight to make it last just one more second. and it means all you want is one last kiss, touch, sentence, look. a soulmate means that all you want is to have them, and you would die if you lost them. a soulmate means true and utter love, no matter the price or consequence.