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Day 3: What are your top three pet peeves

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1. Wannabees

wannabe = a person who tries to be someone else;

One should always stay true to itself. If one tries to copy another being that does not mean that it will succeed as well. The original is always better so it's better to evolve in something you are actually good at, not in something that someone else is successful at.

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2. Victimizing and Complaining

I simply cannot stand people who victimize themselves or complain a lot without even trying to make things better. No one else will solve your problems. You need to shake yourself from the laziness and start cleaning up your mess.

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3. Liars

Once you lie, you break something so precious and valuable, which is trust. Your relationship with the person you lied to, will never ever be the same. The doubt will always be there and everything you say will be questioned. Therefore, try to say the truth even though it hurts. Yes, truth hurts, but this pain will go away. However, if you lie trying to cover something, this will not matter anymore. The fact that you broke the person's trust in you will not repair itself - or at least not that easy. Question yourself if it's worth it before you do it. Is your lie worth it?

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