Hello everyone! In this article I'm going to present you my (ideal) morning routine. I already do most parts of it, just not very consistently. This is what I want to work on and why I put the "ideal" into brackets. Nobody's perfect I guess ;) .

1) Wake up


When I wake up I immediatly drink a bottle of water I keep right next to my bed which contains about 0,5 l. I always feel like a raisin after eight hours of sleep so this is a must.

Temporarily removed bed, bedroom decor, and white decor image

2) Stretch


After I went to the bathroom I put on some happy music and stretch a little aswell as do some exercises to wake my body up.

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nope that's not me in the morning sadly xD

3) Makeup and dressing


I love taking time in the morning to prepare myself for the day and make sure I look good. This is some real me - time.

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4) Breakfast


I can't leave the house without my breakfast so I'll eat some cereal (sometimes topped with banana slices) or a piece of bread with jam if I feel like it. Because I'm not a fan of coffee I drink black tea as my hot beverage of choice.

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5) Reading


After breakfast I usually read a few pages of my current book.

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6) Brushing my teeth and getting ready


The last part of my morning routine. Btw I don't get why people brush their teeth before breakfast because then you'll leave home with the remains of your breakfast in between your teeth. So I'll always do it afterwards.

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smiiiile :D

I know this is a pretty long morning routine and you could probably skip one or two things to make it faster but that's not the point. I hate feeling rushed in the morning and would rather start my day with a smile.

Thanks for reading, ly Pineappplepie <3