Hey guys,how are you doing so as you know i like food and food does like me(lol) so i decided to do a food tag that nobody has done before on weheartit so let's start:

1-What is your favt breakfast?

I like to have some almonds and fruit juice(orange,strawberry) or Mankoushi (middle east breakfast lebanon)

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2-What's in your favorite sandwish?

Well,my favorite snadwish is so simple & light it is grilled or fried fish and some chili paste and some lettuce and french fries *-*

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3-Soup or salad

Both,but nearly i prefer soup in winter and when your feeling sick, and prefer salad in summer that gives you refreshment and energy :)

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4-what is your favorite snack?

Favorite snack is biscuits with caramel!!

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5-What is your facorit country dish?

Lebanese Stuffed grape leaves with rice!! ( they are vegan)

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Look how wonderful it is

6-What is in your pizza?

Cheese,corn,mushroom,onion,olives, well that is pizza lol

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