Today I will be making an article about my ultimate fave songs of K-Pop.

Image by ett_unna
1. Artificial love- EXO

Recently i have really been into this song and like literally crazily into this song.

Ikon and ot7 image
2. I'm okay- IKON

This song actually speaks to my soul.

nct, nct 127, and nct dream image
3. The seventh sense- NCT U

The reason I love this song is because of it's amazing beat and the legendary rap.

Image by neeri
4. Dimple-BTS

This is a really amazing song, the whole song it's just amazing and the choreography is just on point and it's really satisfying.

korean, kpop, and dojoon image
5. Face-Woosung

This song is awesome, I personally like it because it's just so different from K-POP, like not trying to offend anyone but that song just doesn't look like a K-POP song, maybe the reason is because of the whole concept of the song.

I hope you liked this and i hope you listens to these songs and like them.