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I told you guys I would bring you the girl group version so here it is.
NOTE: I'm so sorry because I know a lot of kpop girl groups but I don't know the members names so they are not here :(
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Hope you enjoy it

Here my boy group version:

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  • Lisa
lisa, blackpink, and kpop image lisa image
(Maknae, main dancer, leader rapper, face)

Red Velvet

  • Wendy
korean, kpop, and SM image red velvet and wendy image
(main vocal)


  • Hwasa
aesthetic, korean, and kpop image kpop, mamamoo, and hwasa image
(Maknae, main vocalist, main rapper)


  • Hani
red, exid, and hani image girl, korea, and smile image
(Main vocalist, face)


  • Jihyo/ Momo
girl, kpop, and twice image beautiful, goddess, and twice image
(leader, guide vocalist and guide dancer)
momo and twice image twice, momo, and kpop image
(main dancer, support vocalist and guide rapper)

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