hey everyone! I've been growing my perfect jewellery collection for a while now, and I'm finally at a place where I'm happy with it! here are some of the essentials that everyone needs to own to complete any outfit

□ a pendant necklace
I love having a couple of simple pendant necklaces that I can alternate for wearing everyday. this really adds something more to your outfit and makes you look a bit more put together.

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□ a pair of hoop earrings
hoop earrings are so versatile as they can be worn to parties or formal occasions- it all depends on how you style them!

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□ a choker
I normally don't wear chokers because I find them uncomfortable, but they look really nice with low-cut tops or off the shoulder tops.

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□ some cute rings
I wear rings everyday, and I feel so bare without them! try mixing gold/rose gold with silver for a different but stylish look.

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□ a simple chain
I'd suggest layering simple chains with pendants, bead necklaces or chokers

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□ a couple pairs of studs
If you have multiple piercings, then you know how handy a pair of studs can be! even if you only have one piercing, studs are the best option for work, school or formal events.

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□ a watch
having a watch on your wrist makes you look so much more classy and elegant, in my opinion. they come in so many styles, so make sure you pick one that you'll always love.

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