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with the final week of summer, the start of schools and the return to homework it is necessary to follow a morning routine to start the day full of energy and motivation.

Enjoy it!

1. Get up earlier.

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The main of getting up an hour earlier than usual is to enjoy and devote ourselves the time we deserve.

2. Thanks for a new day.

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In bed, I like to think or write three things for which I am grateful today. Being grateful as soon as I get up makes me have a more positive vision in my day to day.

3. Positive affirmations.

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Prepare a list of your favorite statements and read them every morning. They bring peace, enthusiasm and a lot of motivation.

4. Move your cu-cu (body).

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A very important part that our morning routine should have is stretching. So take your mat and remove the cobwebs to your muscles. After stretching I love spending five minutes to meditate.

5. Write.

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I love to record my thoughts and feelings in my journal. So I can see my weekly or monthly progress. Feel free to identify what you have inside. Let it flow!.

6. Order your atmosphere.

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Before leaving my room, I open the window, pick up the junk and make the bed. Seeing my collected space generates well-being.

7. Breakfast time!.

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Take your time preparing a good rich and nutritious breakfast. Don't forget to enjoy it!.

8. Get ready.

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Perform your facial and body self-care routine. Take a shower, brush your hair and put on your best outfit. You are ready to eat the fuck*** world.

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I hope you liked!!

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