Yesterday, on August 19th, 2019, Iceland said goodbye to its glacier.
It melted away.

One million animals die annually due to the 100 million tons of plastic floating in the ocean.

Scientists predict that if we continue living our life the way we do, we have only 12 years left to live.

We need to do something.

Here are 10 things you can do:

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If you need a rug, head to IKEA. IKEA makes rugs out of fabric scraps left over from their textile and bed linen production, and that helps reduce the amount of waste. Here is the link:
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H&M has a great recycling project- if you bring in two bags of old clothing, you can get a 17% discount. These clothes can be made of any material and can be of any quality. They will either be recycled, given to those in need, or used for something else.
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Find a zero-waste store near you. Here are some stores in the US:
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Instead of wasting your money on plastic water bottles, buy a pitcher with a built-in water filter. You can pour in water from your faucet at the top, and it quickly filters through. You just need to replace the filter every 3 months. Here are a few: You can also buy a cute and cheap reusable water bottle on Amazon.
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Buy bar soaps. The paper packaging on bar soaps is recyclable and creates a lot less waste than large, plastic bottles. You can buy them anywhere, even at your local dollar store.
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Try eating less meat. I'm not saying to go vegan never touch meat, but it would be better to not eat as much of it. Meat processing and packaging wastes way too much water, and it also produces a lot of waste. Meat comes in bulky plastic packaging, and the Earth doesn't like it! I personally buy meat in paper packaging, which is better for our planet.
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This is a greenhouse gas comparison. As you can see, other than meat, cars also cause a lot of pollution. Take a walk or ride a bike instead of driving a car. Public transportation is okay too!
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Turn off the light. Not only is this cheaper, but it's also better for the Earth. You can also install solar panels if possible. You can even earn money from it- if you produce a surplus of energy, there are many countries where you can share part of that energy with others and get money for it! Check in your area for more information. Here are some benefits of solar energy:
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Plant a tree. Plant plants overall! Plants are great! They naturally eliminate CO2 and produce oxygen. They're also very pretty and cute. :) You can get them anywhere, even online!
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Don't use cleansers with plastic microbeads. Those can easily go through water cleaning systems, so they end up in the ocean, where they harm millions of animals. Plastic microbeads are easy to swallow, and many sea creatures end up doing so, making them sick. They eventually die due to the plastics in their stomachs. Switch to cosmetics that don't have these tiny killers!

That's all. I hope we can do something by working together to help save our planet... The clock is ticking!