she is my weakness, that weakness before which I cannot resist and do not intend ... the strongest and almost fatal attraction ... I studied it well and understood the reason for my craving - temperament! behind the sweet face and eyes, in which the cunning always plays, lies the crazy potential and complete dedication ..
passionate, strong-willed, but at the same time tender and thin .. the owner in a female guise with cat manners, gently biting her nails, she seems to demonstrate her right to property .. tireless and gentle, but unrestrained and crazy at the same time .. it’s impossible simply leave and even if it does, it will remain in memory .. there is no one to replace it ... it is unique.

lips ... tact ... sensuality ... hands ... she has no prohibitions ... an ideal woman who managed to absorb the purity of a girl and the viciousness of bitch, deftly playing roles, creating a crazy cocktail for men.