Snow White

girl, beauty, and makeup image Image by lorena
appearance : wavy black hair, brown eyes, red lips, pale skin
Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
favorite hairstyles : high bun, square cut
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed dress, girl, and dance image red and skirt image
style : classic
red, lips, and mirror image quotes, red, and aesthetic image
signature look : red lipstick
apple, baking, and food image aesthetic, yellow, and apple image
likes : cooking and eating apples


girl and fashion image Temporarily removed
appearance : blonde hair, blue eyes, pink lips, fair skin
hairstyle and cute image hair, braid, and hairstyle image
favorite hairstyles : low bun, braided crown
bag, hipster, and legs image fashion, lace, and white image aesthetic, dance, and dress image dress, girl, and blue image
style : elegant
hair, fashion, and girl image fashion, shoes, and style image
signature look : scarf in the hair, blue high heels
Inspiring Image on We Heart It dress, wedding, and glitter image
likes : spending time with her boyfriend and going to elegant parties


Temporarily removed girl image
appearance : long golden blonde hair, violet eyes, rose red lips, fair skin
hair, hairstyle, and bow image Image by 𝑁𝑢𝑢𝑟♕
favorite hairstyles : braids
fashion, outfit, and style image Temporarily removed girly, paris, and freddy my love image Temporarily removed
style : girly
rings, accessories, and ring image beauty, eyes, and shine image
signature look : rings, glittery pink eye shadow
couple, love, and kiss image Temporarily removed
likes : spending time with her boyfriend and sleeping


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
appearance : long red hair, aqua blue eyes, red lips, fair skin
hair and girl image girl, sea, and vintage image
favorite hairstyles : high ponytails
blue, redhead, and summer image Temporarily removed girl, vintage, and wind image girl, hair, and redhead image
style : casual
Image removed Temporarily removed
signature look : seashell bag, green swimsuit
couple, love, and beach image girl, summer, and water image
likes : walking on the beach with her boyfriend and swimming


disney, princess belle, and beauty image hair, hairstyle, and style image
appearance : long brown hair, hazel eyes, pink lips, fair skin
hair, girl, and hairstyle image hairstyle, pretty, and white image
favorite hairstyles : loose hair with glittery hair clips, low ponytail with a ribbon
fashion, outfit, and summer image aesthetic image girl, aesthetic, and hair image fashion, outfit, and clothes image
style : classy
where did you buy? and 🌹 image fashion, style, and outfit image
signature look : gold rose necklace, blue shirt
Temporarily removed book, reading, and read image
likes : reading and walking on the streets


beauty, girl, and pretty image hair, black, and beauty image
appearance : long lustrous black hair, brown eyes, pink lips, medium skin
Best, black, and braid image hair, beauty, and hairstyle image
favorite hairstyles : braids
fashion, jeans, and style image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image Image by Richelle✨ fashion, style, and outfit image
style : casual
Temporarily removed Image by - ̗̀ allie ̖́-
signature look : gold necklaces, green satin shorts
animal, tiger, and baby image girl image
likes : taking care of Rajah and travelling


beautiful, hair, and model image girl, flowers, and sunflower image
appearance : long black hair, dark brown eyes, bright pink lips, tan skin
girl, india, and sexy image girl, smile, and style image
favorite hairstyles : loose braid, smooth hair
Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, shorts, and style image autumn, fashion, and fall image
style : casual
Image by i a r a necklace, aesthetic, and beige image
signature look : blue necklace
beach, summer, and travel image mountains, nature, and alone image
likes : going on road trips and hiking