there's so many 'essential' films that have been sitting in my watchlist nagging me to watch them for years... so these are all of the films i have watched and fallen in love with over the past few years instead of giving them my time!

columbus (2017) dir. koganada

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koganada's directorial debut is rich with auteur influence and yet manages to exist as its own separate entity. the cinematography within his film is some of the best i have seen to date and truly encapsulates how casey sees the world around her. haley lu richardson is a force to be reckoned with and her performance in this film is beyond words.

moonlight (2016) dir. barry jenkins

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moonlight is the film that you watch and wish that you made or worked on. this film is the pinnacle of everything i love about cinema. every single actor within moonlight exudes a vulnerability that is so very enthralling and every aspect of this fillm continues to prove that barry jenkins truly is one of the best directors there is.

little miss sunshine (2006) dir. john & valerie faris

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something about little miss sunshine feels like a warm hug to me. there's something so comforting in struggle and in understanding and observing how people face their own hardships and this is laced throughout the fabric of this film. chicago by sufjan stevens was put in this film for gays and gays only, it's the law.

skate kitchen (2018) dir. crystal moselle

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whenever i think of this film my heart is warm. crystal moselle's directorial debut is something so special and feels like a breath of fresh air. this entire cast is made up of some of the coolest damn people and i cannot wait to see what comes from crystal's upcoming project.

lady bird (2017) dir. greta gerwig

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this film truly displays the duality of the woman that is greta gerwig. there's so many scenes in lady bird that feel so deeply personal yet equally universal, this film is one of the best i have seen in its execution of this. saoirse has been one of my favourite actresses since i was 12 and her performance in this film is phenomenal.

call me by your name (2017) dir. luca guadagnino

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from the second i watched the trailer for this film i knew that it was going to have a long lasting impact upon me. every single aspect of this film is so seamless and fuelled with emotion. timothée chalamet best actor of this generation i think the other girls just aren't doing it like him.

la la land (2016) dir. damien chazelle

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when i watch this film i am continually reminded about just how much i love cinema. one day i will write a video essay on how la la land truly ticks every single box for me. i am in awe of just about every minuscule aspect of this film this shit is truly in different areas.

whiplash (2014) dir. damien chazelle

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whiplash captures your attention in its fist and refuses to let go. whether it be the final scene (which is one of my favourite film scenes in cinematic history) or the car scene, damien chazelle knows how to make his audience enraptured by the excellence of cinema through his exploration of music and dreams.

before sunrise (1995) dir. richard linklater

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i will not hesitate to sob. the cinematography, the dialogue, EVERYTHING. before sunrise is a magnifying glass into a love so unique and so incredibly beautiful. knowing more about the story richard linklater based this film on makes this so damn heartbreaking so i will continue to smile through the pain and the beauty.

if beale street could talk (2018) dir. barry jenkins

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no one even talk to me don't even look in my direction. if beale street could talk is a film that continues to weigh on my heart and leaves me utterly destroyed. kiki layne and stephan james' performances within this film are incredible and that one scene. that one scene. i think about it and i cry. barry jenkins is a legend.

a beautiful mind (2001) dir. ron howard

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something about a beautiful mind, despite being a biopic, has continued to play on my mind ever since i watched it as a kid. i still don't truly know what it is about this film that keeps me coming back to it every now and again but it will never not get to me.

booksmart (2019) dir. olivia wilde

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but wow what a moment. this film brings so many things to the table that i haven't yet seen discussed in film in this way while also executing it in such a way that it isn't the main topic of discussion or the main trait of the characters. booksmart truly feels like a classic and so many more people need to see it.

the shape of water (2017) dir. guillermo del toro

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this film. THIS FILM. whenever i think of it all i can recall is sitting in my seat as the credits rolled with my mouth agape in a pure state of awe. there's so many layers to this film and what makes it so damn deserving of the awards it received despite initially going into it perplexed. del toro is a genius.

fantastic mr fox (2009) dir. wes anderson

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this film manages to bring me such a sense of comfort and joy. i could listen to this soundtrack for hours. mr fox may be kind of hopeless but i think that's what also makes him so relatable as a character because woah luv that is me.

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