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Here's a playlist for cold, quiet and misty autumn mornings, when the fog is so thick you can't see anything but the tallest trees and you just want to curl up in a warm blanket with a nice cup of tea. Enjoy!

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Beauty - David Gilmour
Wash. - Bon Iver
Blowin' in the Wind - Bob Dylan
Little Again - The Secret Sisters
Elijah - Matthew And The Atlas
Holocene - Bon Iver
Riverside - Agnes Obel
Wish You were Here - Pink Floyd
Out of the Darkness - Matthew And The Atlas
Rosslyn - Smith & Burrows

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Buckets of rain - Bob Dylan
Into Gold - Matthew & the Atlas
Dear - Matt Gilmour
Minnesota, WI - Bon Iver
Short and Sweet - David Gilmour
Tuesday Morning - Jake Bugg
Main Title Theme (Billy) - Bob Dylan
Sunset - Matt Gilmour
This Ain't New Jersey - Smith & Burrows
Julia Dream - Pink Floyd

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Falling, Catching - Agnes Obel
To Fall In Love With You - Bob Dylan
Where We Start - David Gilmour
To the North - Matthew & the Atlas
Towers - Bon Iver
Within the rose - Matthew And The Atlas
Wots... Uh The Deal - Pink Floyd
When the Thames Froze - Smith & Burrows
And Then... - David Gilmour

autumn, nature, and fall image