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Today I'm gonna present you 4 of my favorites Netflix series (2/3)

1- The Good Place

eleanor, Janet, and jason image
When she dies, Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself at the Good Place, where only pure-souled people arrive. Each newcomer is housed in an ideal house, furnished according to his tastes, then meets his soul mate. Problem, Eleanor is not really a good person and discovers that she was sent to the Good Place by mistake. And soon after his arrival, strange things happen ...

2- Atypical

atypical and brigette lundy-paine image
Sam Gardner, a boy in Connecticut with autism spectrum disorder, tells his family he wants to have a girlfriend. This one it’s also very hard to describe but

3- Gossip Girl

shopping, gucci, and chanel image
Privileged students from Constance Billard and St Jude private schools in the Upper East Side are all addicted to Gossip Girl, a mysterious blogger who unveils all the latest gossip and rumors about their very closed community.


couple, glee, and lea michele image
William, a high school Spanish teacher from McKinley High School, decides to take charge of the singing club. He is a new group that will try to bring the Glee Club back to the prestigious rank he held many years ago. The voices of the actors are just amazing and this series is perfect to chill because the story isn’t very hard to understand.

Thank you for reading this, see you later...


This is my collection if you want to see more of them :