Hey everyone , I love thrift shopping , but sometimes the same stores can get boring , so i thought i share some different ways of it and give you some tips. Enjoy reading :).

1. In some city´s you have garage sales every year , where people sell old stuff and clothes. Just ask around when and where the next one takes place or look it up on the internet. It is also lots of fun to walk around with your friends and to have a good shopping time. Or you can even sell your own things and buy new with the money you made.

2, Big flearmarkets are another good way, they are often in the evening. So many people told me , that they found designer things for so cheap there and that it is so cool and a good ways. You just need to google it , you will find a lot ( If you life in a bigger city).

3. Blogger also often sell their clothes , look on their Instagram , they will keep you updated with it . It can be a bit more expensive , but they often have unique pieces. Normally they are bigger groups , who sell together , so you have more choice.

4. I have an app which is german ( Kleiderkreisel ), where you can sell clothes and buy them. have a look on the app store if you have one in your country . There are often such cool pieces , for a really good price. You can not just buy clothes there , also accessories , bags and more.
( Btw. This not an ad haha )

5. I mean you probably know this, but of course vintage shops , in the internet or in stores. i love to go to thrift stores and find, after looking for so long , the one perfect piece. But a tip is , to search for more smaller ones in your city and to look on the internet for new ones. because i was with my friend in paris and we found in random streets so man cute vintage shops with the prettiest clothes and very old designer things.

So have fun when you thrift and try new methods out. I hope I could help you.

xx Carla