Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is a way of marketing our products or services with the help of the internet in various digital platforms available in the world of the internet such as social media, search engines etc.
Similar to normal marketing or other styles of marketing Digital Marketing also requires a plan, strategy, background study and preparations before executing it.

Why Digital Marketing?
We know that the world is now completely based on technologies and everything has been reduced to a cell phone screen and the world is available in just one touch so the usage of digital platforms is very high not only because of the increasing popularity and usage of digital platforms but also the fact that it is the only form of marketing were you will get a complete set of analytical report about the audience of the marketing process that we have done in a digital platform.

With the help of the analytical report, we can filter our audience category along with the quality of our ad and get maximum business.
Compared to other types of marketing the cost of digital marketing is very less since the ROI will be high.

What Is Social Media Marketing?
Social Media Marketing is a part of digital marketing as the name suggests it is the process of marketing through social media platforms, for example, Facebook marketing, Linkedin marketing, Twitter etc.
There are two methods by which one can market his service or product on a social media platform one is by organic method i.e without any expense and the second method is paid ads/campaigns.
Organic Method
The organic method we use in social media is by sharing our content/posters/flyers etc. to maximum groups and people manually to get maximum reach and drive the attention of people to our business and get conversions from that.
Paid Ads / Campaigns
This is another way of marketing in social media is by doing ads, where we can create an audience category based on their age, location, gender, interests, hobbies, job profile, education etc. and run our ad for only the selected audience and get business from it.
What Is Search Engine Marketing?
Search Engine Marketing is the process of marketing through search engines similar to social media marketing SEM also have organic and paid methods the organic method is called search engine optimization (SEO) and paid method is again ads.
What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the organic process of ranking our website in a search engine for various keywords (search terms) related to the content provided on the website thus increase the chance of people visiting your website and get business through it.
Advantages Of Digital Marketing
We will get a complete analytical report of the activities that we do in digital marketing.
The expense is very less.
High ROI.
Audience targeting is easy and accurate.